Like most resort, vacation destinations, the High Country of Southwest Virginia and North Carolina in no exception. The region has its share of golf courses ready to challenege golfers of all skill levels.

When you are planning your trip and making your list of activities to include, do not forget your clubs. If you are coming to stay near the trail in Virginia or staying in North Carolina, you will not have to look far to find a course that put your best game to test.

North Carolina Golf Courses
Boone Golf Club   (866) 264-8760
Mountain Aire Golf Course   (336) 877-4716
Mountain Glen Golf Club   (828) 733-5804
Sugar Mountain Golf Course   (828) 898-6464
Willow Creek Golf Club   (828) 963-6865
Tennessee Golf Courses
RedTail Mountain Club   (423) 727-7931
Virginia Golf Courses
Deerfield Golf Course   (276) 475-5649
Greenway Creek Golf Club   (276) 429-2626
Saltville Golf Club   (276) 496-7779
Scenic View Golf Course   (276) 646-3535
Clear Creek Golf Club   (276) 466 - 4833
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