The Creeper Trail is open to bikers, hikers and horseback riders. There are several places to park horse trailers while you enjoy a great ride. In addition to the Creeper Trail, the area offers horse trails, horse camping and stable areas for short term and long term boarding. Other parking areas at the traihead in Abingdo, Alvarado, Green Cove, Whitetop and Creek Junction.

This rider parked at Straight Branch off US HWY 58

June 13th I met Holly Hopson from Surgoinsville and Rachel Sorrell from Kingsport riding their horses through Taylors Valley. They like to park their trailer at Straight Branch and riding out toward Creek Junction or Damascus.

Please remember to be respectful of horses and their riders. Please call out before coming up on horses. Being a horseback rider myself, some horses seem ok around bikers while others get spooked by them.

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